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Dr. John Anderson is a national speaker and health care leader in TQM, legal and military medicine and African-American health.

Impact of Health Issues of an Aging Workforce on the Culture of Safety within the Nuclear Power Industry

Clearwater, Florida–An overview of the critical need for medical health prevention and services for workers in the nuclear power industry.  Presented at the NMRP User Group 2011 General Meeting.


The Affordable Care Act: The New Legal Mandate for Accountable Health Care

Williamsburg, VA–An update on the health care law and ramifications of a repeal.  Presented at the All Together luncheon of the Williamsburg Community Health Foundation

Emerging Fundamentals of Health Care Reform

Orlando, FL–Presented at the 50th Annual Meeting of the American College of Legal Medicine.


Collaborative Initiatives to Combat Health Disparities in America’s Historic Triangle

Williamsburg,VA–Presentation at Black History Month celebration, Bruton Heights School Education Center

Dr. John Anderson:  The Reality of Health Disparities in the African-American Community

Rene Cabral-Daniels, Esq., VP of WCHF (Corollary Topic):  Positioning Historic Triangle for Health Reform

Hellacious Outcomes of War

Chicago, IL–Presented at St Paul’s United Church of Christ.


Sex and the Spartan

Norfolk, VA–Presented to the Science Honors Students, Norfolk State University.

Health Disparities in the African-American Community

Williamsburg, VA – Presented at the NAACP Community Health Summit, Williamsburg Community Health Foundation (WCHF).


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